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Short Term Hire Terms & Conditions

On-line reservations and charges explained

All requested information must be submitted when placing your booking on our website. When our company receives your online reservation, you will receive a booking acknowledgement by e-mail. So please ensure that all details are correct and valid including the correct e-mail address and a telephone number on which we can contact you. If we can supply your vehicle we will then send an e-mail, this will be your final confirmation and the supplying location will be in touch 2-3 days before your vehicle is due to take payment and arrange licence copies and ID etc If the rental is for a business then we can accept the company card as payment.

Delivery and collection service

We endeavour to deliver and collect your requested rental vehicle as advised. However, very occasionally this service may not be available depending on your location within the UK. In this case, one of our reservation agents will contact you to let you know and offer another time for you to collect and/or return to the branch. Please note that charges will not be made if you cannot accept to collect and return the rental vehicle.

Please also note that if you are contacted to advise the above and you accept to collect and return the rental vehicle offered to the advised supplying branch and then decide to cancel you will not be charged the cancellation fees detailed in our cancellation policy.

Charged deposits

In most situations, only a pre-authorisation on your debit or credit card will be required. You must send a copy of your driving licence, National Insurance number and ID plus your credit/debit card details before the vehicle is supplied to you. Any vehicle requiring re-fuelling will be charged at pump prices + 10% per litre plus VAT – applicable to any vehicle returned with less fuel with which it was provided.


All drivers must be between 23 and 70 years of age for all vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, people carriers) and must have held a full driving licence for 2 years. Vehicles may be supplied outside the above criteria at our Insurance company’s discretion. In any event, all drivers must comply with the supplying location’s conditions.


All rental cars are supplied with comprehensive insurance but are subject to an excess. We can only reduce the excess on certain vehicles. All vehicles are supplied subject to a £1000 insurance excess. Vans, people-carriers, minibuses, prestige cars and 4×4’s have an excess of £2000. The insurance excess charge becomes payable by the hirer in the event of any damage being incurred during the rental period. In the event of damage to the rental vehicle please notify us within 24 hrs. The excess will be charged to the credit or debit card that was given and accepted when making the reservation. Please note that any overhead height damage to any vehicle will be charged for the full repairing cost and collision damage waiver does not apply.

Collision damage waiver insurance

The hirer can purchase collision damage waiver insurance on certain groups of vehicles at a cost as detailed in the booking reservation. When CDW insurance is purchased, the liability of £1000 reduces to £500 on cars and vans. All mini-buses and people-carriers carry an excess of £1000.00 and this cannot be reduced. Please note that any goods in transit are not covered by the insurance supplied. Exclusions to collision damage waiver are any overhead height damage to any of our vehicles, tyre damage or punctures, glass damage costs, or driving without due care and attention, negligence and dangerous driving in any of our vehicles. All costs incurred by us will be passed onto you, the customer and charged directly to the credit or debit card that was used when the booking was placed.

Please note that any heavy goods vehicles supplied i.e. 7.5 Tonne Trucks are not supplied with a spare tyre or jack. The reason for this is that it is not possible for this type of vehicle to have a tyre changed by an untrained person and the vehicle has to be jacked up by specialised lifting gear. So, if a vehicle of this type is on hire to any of our customers and a puncture occurs, then, it will be the customers’ responsibility to locate a professional tyre replacement company and pay the cost required to replace the damaged tyre. This also applies if a puncture occurs overseas. National Vehicle Hire will not pay any incurred costs relating to this situation or to any theft of any parts on our hired vehicles.

Additional drivers

We allow a max of 4 drivers to drive our rental vehicles. The charges for any required additional drivers are £5-£10.00 per day for any of the vehicles we supply depending on the group of vehicle and age of the driver.

Cancellation policy

Should you need to cancel your reservation then this has to be advised and confirmed by email. Bookings cancelled with more 72 business hours of the start incur a £35.00 +VAT cancellation fee. If we receive your request to cancel with less than the 72 business hours notice then no refund can be given.

Charges & fines

It is the hirer’s responsibility to pay all congestion charges, DART (Dartford -Thurrock river crossing), toll charges, parking and speeding offence fines incurred by the driver during the rental period. If our company receives notification of an unpaid fine, then we will automatically charge the maximum amount of the fine plus a £35 +VAT administration charge to the card used upon booking per offence. Please note this charge is normally £35.00 + vat

Loss of vehicle keys

In the event of the rental vehicle’s keys being mislaid, lost, or stolen, then our company will charge for the courier charges to deliver the spare keys plus the total cost to replace the missing keys, locks and re-programming of central locking key fob if required.

Your requested rental vehicle

Every effort is made to supply the model of the rental vehicle of your choice. However, there may be occasions that a substitute vehicle of the same size and specification may be supplied in place of the requested vehicle due to lack of availability. In addition, we cannot guarantee the specific colour of the vehicle.

Early returns

Please note that we will not issue any refunds should you return the rental vehicle supplied before the pre-arranged termination time and date.

Rental vehicles travelling to EEC countries

We allow our rental vehicles to be taken abroad to EEC members and European insurance cover is supplied. All vehicles are covered by AA or RAC roadside assistance and recovery service. Under no circumstances will we allow any of our rental vehicles to be taken abroad without our prior consent. All customers will be required to leave a deposit before the vehicle leaves. Check the DVLA web site for full details, also tachograph cards will be required for buses and trucks.

Please note we do not supply maps, high visibility jackets, warning triangles, breathalyser kits, first aid kits or headlight converters for your journey and you must purchase these at your own cost. Some countries will require you to carry certain items to comply with their driving laws – it is your responsibility to fulfil their requirements.

Collection of delivered vehicles

The customer is responsible for the hired vehicle for 48 working hours from the end of the hire period, which means any parking fines, clamping charges, and towing away to car park impound site fines will be charged to the customer. Please note vehicles are not collected on Sundays in which case for any hires finishing over the weekend, the 48 working hours start from 0800 on Monday morning. If a delivery driver informs you of your collection time, please be advised this cannot be 100% guaranteed, the period of liability still stands, and if it is essential to know an estimated collection time you should contact the branch directly. Fuel to and from the customer’s address is chargeable.

Reserving a vehicle

When booking a vehicle online we reserve the right to change your vehicle pickup to the nearest available location if the branch you selected does not have availability. Should you reject the ‘change of branch’, and we can offer a Delivery & Collection service to your home or office at a cost. If this is not acceptable for you no charges will be levied.

Complaint procedure

Our company is confident that the service we offer to all of our customers will be of the highest standard and that the rental vehicle supplied will be satisfactory. However, should you wish to lodge a complaint, then this must be submitted via e-mail within 28 days from the end day of your rental period. On receipt of your e-mailed complaint, we will investigate and respond within 14 working days. Please note, that any complaint received later than the 28 days, cannot be accepted.

Ancillary Charges

Some bookings may incur ancillary charges. Here are a list of these charges for your reference. If you know in advance that you will require any of these items please list your requirements in the Notes box on the Driver Information form when booking.
Cost abortive charge delivery/collection
Admin charge for parking tickets etc.
Delivery/collection home (each way up to 10 miles)
£10 + £1 per mile thereafter (subject to availability)
Delivery/collection business (each way up to 10 miles)
£10 + £1 per mile thereafter (subject to availability)
24hr call out vehicle availability (per event)
Fuel charge
Supplier rate per litre
Insurance excess charge
Mileage allowance (per 28 days)
Excess mileage charge (per mile)
£0.25 per mile
Overseas charge
Overseas pack
Replacement keys

Our terms & conditions are subject to changes without giving prior notice.

Short Term Lease Terms & Conditions

1. Contract to Hire

With effect from the date of the agreement, Vehicle Save agrees to hire the Vehicle specified in the agreement, subject to and on the terms set out in this Agreement.

2. Your Responsibilities

2.1 Payment

In consideration of the grant of this Agreement, you agree: to pay monthly in advance by direct debit all Rentals specified in the agreement and in addition any applicable VAT in respect of Rentals or other sums payable by you under this Agreement, on the due date and in full without any set off; to pay interest at the Default Rate on overdue Rentals from the due date until the date of payment as well after as before judgement or decree (whichever is applicable); to pay the cost of fuel, 'top-up' oil, lubricants, our administration charges and any applicable VAT; to pay any Excess Mileage Charges; and to pay all costs of repair to the Vehicle as a result of damage, misuse or abuse. You agree that punctual payment of all and any sums due under this Agreement shall be of the essence in this Agreement.

2.2 Care of Vehicle

2.2.1 You are responsible at your own expense for: maintaining the bodywork and the exterior and interior of the Vehicle in good condition (fair wear and tear excepted in line with BVRLA standards) having regard to the age and mileage of the Vehicle; and maintaining the Vehicle in a roadworthy condition and carrying out routine maintenance as recommended in the manufacturer's handbook in respect of the Vehicle (including, without limitation, paying for fuel and lubricants, the cost of replacement tyres, exhausts, servicing and batteries).

2.2.2 The Vehicle must be serviced in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturer. All service, maintenance and repair must be carried out by a dealership franchised by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Failure to service within the required timescales will leave you liable for the cost of this service and any associated penalties incurred as a result of this missed service. Vehicle Save reserve the right to refuse the vehicle on the basis of a missed service which could leave you liable for the full cost of the vehicle.

2.2.3 You will permit us via our service agent or an approved dealer to inspect the vehicle for damage and mileage at all reasonable times and for such purpose to let us have access to any premises where the vehicle may be.

2.2.4 You agree to immediately give us notification of any material loss or damage to the vehicle

2.2.5 You will provide us with regular mileage updates when requested

2.3 Use of Vehicle

2.3.1 You agree to: keep and ensure that the Vehicle is kept free from any lien or legal process; not mortgage, pledge, loan, hire or part possession with the Vehicle; not assign, sub-let the benefit of this Agreement or rent-out the Vehicle; not allow the Vehicle to be used for the purpose of racing, rallying or any form of competition, for towing without the prior written consent of Vehicle Save; not suffer or permit the Vehicle to be driven by any person who does not hold a full driving licence and is not approved by your insurance company; not convert, modify or alter the Vehicle without the prior written consent of Vehicle Save; not overload the Vehicle at any time (with reference to any recommended limitations or guidance on loading the Vehicle as may be found from time to time in the manufacturer's handbook); following the expiry of this Agreement, you undertake at your own expense to remove any signs, letters and advertisements attached to the Vehicle and restore the Vehicle to its former state); not disconnect or tamper with the odometer drive cable; and in the event of the odometer failing to function at any time, immediately notify Vehicle Save in writing of the mileage reading at the time of the failure and the date of such failure. You will immediately obtain a replacement odometer and for each day the Vehicle does not have an effective odometer, Vehicle Save will pro-rate your contract mileage or pro rate your previous registered mileage for the purpose of determining any Excess Mileage Charges.

2.3.2 You will not take the Vehicle out of the United Kingdom without the prior written consent of Vehicle Save and upon request you will inform Vehicle Save of its location. All vehicles taken outside the United Kingdom must be fully insured and European cover roadside assistance must be in place for the duration of the time abroad. Vehicles are not allowed to travel outside of Europe. You may keep the vehicle abroad for a maximum of 28 days in any six month period. Any maintenance work carried out overseas must be carried out by a franchised dealership, and all expense for the maintenance work will be borne by you, unless a Maintenance Contract is in place in which case Vehicle Save will reimburse you up to a maximum of the amount that the work would have cost in the UK.

2.4 Statutory Obligations

2.4.1 You will be responsible for ensuring that the Vehicle complies with all statutory requirements from time to time and shall punctually maintain all applicable licences, duties or registrations in respect of the Vehicle or its operation and punctually pay any fees in respect of the same.

2.4.2 You will bear the cost of any modifications or additions to any part of the Vehicle made necessary by any change in statutory regulations governing the operation of the Vehicle.

2.4.3 You will submit the Vehicle for testing (e.g MOT) as required by law prior to the date that a test certificate is required or prior to the expiry date of any current test certificate.

2.4.4 Vehicle Save will provide and renew the road fund licence in respect of the Vehicle during the Term. In the event that the cost of such licence increases during the Term, Vehicle Save will increase the amount of your monthly rental to reflect such increase. 

2.5 Cancellation

If you cancel an order before you acknowledge delivery of the Vehicle by countersigning the delivery inspection report you agree to fully indemnify Vehicle Save against all losses, expenses and charges resulting from your cancellation. 

4 Customer Indemnities

You agree: to indemnify fully and keep indemnified fully Vehicle Save against any claims (including third party claims) made in connection with use of the Vehicle whether for personal injuries, loss, damage, inconvenience, delay or otherwise (and all actions, proceedings, damages, costs and expenses in connection with such claims); and to fully indemnify and keep fully indemnified Vehicle Save against any fines, fees or penalties resulting from motoring offences, violation of traffic or parking regulations, or use of the Vehicle contrary to any applicable law; and in the event of damage being sustained to the Vehicle (fair wear and tear excepted) which is not covered by insurance for any reason to pay to Vehicle Save the reasonable cost of repair plus compensation for any consequential decrease in the value of the Vehicle and loss of use of the Vehicle and to pay the cost of any repair caused by negligence or misuse; and in the event of any losses suffered by Vehicle Save (which cannot be recovered by adjustment of the Rental amount) as a result of any change in corporation tax or due to any change or withdrawal in writing down allowances; and to pay Vehicle Saves administration charges and any costs or fees incurred by Vehicle Save by reason of any default by you of any of the terms of this Agreement or as a result of the levying of any fines or fees, and all fees, costs, expenses and administration charges incurred in connection with recovery and repossession of the Vehicle by Vehicle Save whether directly or indirectly.

5 Delivery and Inspection

5.1 Vehicle Save cannot guarantee the delivery date of the Vehicle and cannot be held responsible for late delivery or any losses you may suffer as a result of late delivery.

5.2 You will examine the Vehicle promptly upon delivery. You will be asked to countersign a delivery inspection report. Your signature on this report will be deemed confirmation by you that you accept the Vehicle is complete and free from any defects and damage or variance from specification, which your inspection would otherwise reveal. Vehicle Save shall not be liable for any variance from specification of the Vehicle, nor for any defects which inspection might reveal. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the Vehicle is suitable for your purposes and of satisfactory quality. Vehicle Save cannot be held responsible for any defects in the Vehicle or unsuitability for purpose.

5.3 You shall permit Vehicle Save to inspect and test the Vehicle at all reasonable times during the Term.

5.4 In the event that any Vehicle is found to be defective (whether mechanical or otherwise) or is not of satisfactory quality, Vehicle Save undertakes that, to the extent possible, at your request and expense, it will assign to you all rights and warranties made available to Vehicle Save by each supplier of the Vehicle each such assignment to state that you shall be a third party for the purposes of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. At your expense, Vehicle Save shall give you all reasonable assistance to enforce such warranties and rights, which may, without limitation, include joining in any legal or other proceedings, which you may commence or to which you may become a party.

6 Rental adjustments

6.1 Vehicle Save has calculated the Rentals based on the assumptions set out in the agreement, so that it receives a certain rate of return. In the event that any external assumptions change before, on or after the commencement of the Term, or if there is an increase in the cost to Vehicle Save of providing the Vehicle or providing any Optional Services or any increase in the vehicle excise licence, then Vehicle Save may give notice to you upon which notice you will promptly pay to Vehicle Save such additional amount ("the Adjustment Amount") by way of further Rentals. After commencement of term Vehicle Save will not vary its estimates of residual and maintenance for a vehicle unless a contract rewrite is requested when these will be reassessed. Vehicle Save acting in good faith will calculate and notify you of the Adjustment Amount, or other amounts required. Such notification shall, in the absence of manifest error, be binding on you.

6.2 You warrant that you are resident in the United Kingdom for taxation purposes and that you will not claim capital allowances in respect of the Vehicle.

7 Insurance

7.1 You agree that during the Term you will, at your own expense: continuously insure the Vehicle on a fully comprehensive cover basis with an insurance company approved by Vehicle Save against all loss or damage resulting from fire, theft and other risks (including the shattering of windows) and for all third party liabilities including personal injury and damage to property and for such amounts as shall be reasonably required by Vehicle Save; and on request by Vehicle Save promptly supply Vehicle Save with copies of any appropriate cover note and the certificate of insurance and the policy or policies of insurance taken out in respect of the Vehicle; you will procure that such policies are endorsed with a note of Vehicle Saves interest in the Vehicle as owner and you will pay all premiums in respect of each policy of insurance as soon as they become due.

7.2 You will permit Vehicle Save to pay any sums due in the event of failure by you to pay any insurance premiums and you hereby fully indemnify Vehicle Save against all costs and charges incurred by Vehicle Save under this clause.

7.3 In the event of any policy of insurance containing an excess you undertake to pay the amount of such excess in respect of each and every claim made pursuant to such policies. 

7.4 In the event of damage being sustained to the Vehicle, you will give immediate notice to Vehicle Save, and if Vehicle Save so requires, you will deliver to Vehicle Saves registered office (or as Vehicle Save may direct) the damaged Vehicle whether or not a claim is being made against the insurers, and will permit the Vehicle to remain at the premises for the purpose of repairs.

7.5 You will not do anything which may render any policy of insurance relating to the Vehicle void or voidable or render the policy monies irrecoverable or do any act or thing which may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty applicable to the Vehicle.

7.6 You will immediately pay,or cause to be paid to Vehicle Save any monies recovered under any policy of insurance in respect of loss or damage to the Vehicle. If requested by Vehicle Save you will assign prior to receiving payment your rights to any such monies. 

7.7 Permit the Vehicle to be driven only by a person qualified and insured to do so and holding all necessary current licenses and permits in respect of the Vehicle and him/herself, such licence in respect of the driver to be a full and not a provisional driving licence. 

8 Termination

8.1 Vehicle Saves ability to Terminate

If any of the events listed below occur then Vehicle Save may terminate this Agreement by notice in writing to you (effective from the date specified in the notice) and the notice shall specify the Vehicles to which it relates: if any Rental or other sum due under this Agreement or any other agreement between Vehicle Save and you is unpaid for fifteen (15) days after it was due; or if you are in breach of one or more of the terms and conditions of or fail to perform your obligations under this Agreement in respect of any Vehicle; or if you or any Group Company are unable to pay your debts within the meaning of the Insolvency Act 1986 or if you are a partnership, a bankruptcy petition is presented against any partner of the partnership; or if you or any Group Company make any composition or arrangement with your creditors, or being a company, any order is made or resolution passed for your winding up or a receiver of any of your assets be appointed; or if any Vehicle shall be seized for any legal process; or if any equivalent action to the events described is taken in any jurisdiction; or if you are a company, if there is a change of control of the company or any Group Company; or if the Vehicle is written off, stolen and/or the insurers declare the Vehicle to be incapable of repair.

8.2 Customer's ability to Terminate

You shall have the ability to terminate this Agreement in respect of a Vehicle at any time after a period of ninety (90) days from the commencement of the Term up to ninety (90) days prior to the end of Term upon fourteen (14) days' notice to Vehicle Save in writing, subject to acceptance in writing by Vehicle Save which will be issued following the settlement of all monies outstanding. The Early Termination Payment calculated pursuant to clause 8.3 shall become due for payment upon the expiry of the fourteen-day notice period. 

8.3 Payments on Termination

If Vehicle Save terminates this Agreement early in respect of a Vehicle or if you choose to terminate this Agreement early in respect of a Vehicle before the end of the Term, you shall pay to Vehicle Save all arrears of Rentals due at the early termination date in respect of that Vehicle, together with all additional sums due under the remaining term of this Agreement. You will also be liable for any pro rate excess mileage charges, any damage repairs outside of BVRLA fair wear and tear standards and any PCN charges or fines incurred prior to the early termination date. If the termination occurs because of a total insurance loss the insurance proceeds shall be paid to Vehicle Save and shall be deemed the sale proceeds for the purpose of this clause. 

9 Termination and Return of Vehicle 

9.1 End of Term

9.1.1 On the return of the Vehicle at the end of the contract the mileage recorded by the Vehicle will be compared with the contractual mileage as set out in the agreement: the difference between the recorded mileage and the contractual mileage specified on the Schedule, will attract a charge where the Vehicle has recorded more miles than contracted ("Excess Mileage Charge"). The Excess Mileage Charge shall be levied at the rate per mile set out in the agreement.

9.1.2 No Vehicle will be permitted to remain in your possession beyond the termination date without written permission from Vehicle Save. If you fail to return the Vehicle to Vehicle Save at the end of the Term, you must continue to pay Vehicle Save Rentals in full on a monthly basis for each month or part month until return of the Vehicle to Vehicle Save. These charges may increase depending on our suppliers term with us. 

9.2 Termination prior to end of term

If Vehicle Save terminates this Agreement or if you exercise your right to terminate this Agreement, your right to use and possess the Vehicle will immediately cease and you must immediately make the Vehicle, together with all documents relating to it, available at your address shown in the schedule for collection by Vehicle Save. You shall at your own expense and for the purpose of reclaiming the Vehicle permit Vehicle Save to enter any premises in the occupation of or under the control of you.

9.3 Inspection

9.3.1 Vehicle Save will inspect the Vehicle upon collection and you will be asked to countersign the inspection report.

9.3.2 The state of repair and condition of the Vehicle is to be consistent with its age and mileage assuming good treatment and allowing for fair wear and tear in line with BVRLA standards. You agree to pay any costs incurred by Vehicle Save in rectifying body damage and making good mechanical defects not resulting from fair wear and tear or sub-standard accident damage repairs and for replacing any missing accessory items. Equipment supplied and fitted by you and not included in the lease rate may be removed prior to lease termination, provided that any removal damage is rectified to the original condition (e.g. grommets are not acceptable substitutes for removed mobile phone holders). Title to all accessories and other items remaining in or on the Vehicle will pass to the Lessor at the time of collection of the Vehicle.

9.3.3 Areas considered outside of BVRLA standards are : Bodywork: dents or scratches, other than small scratches or chips; failure of colour matching where repairs have been made; rust aggravated by lack of attention; Upholstery: stains, burns or tears in seats, headlining or carpets; Mechanical: the engine, gearbox, clutch, axles, suspension, steering and brakes not being in good working order; Electrical: lighting and all equipment not being in good working order; Tyres: tyres having less than 2.5 mm of tread, uneven wear of tyres, slits in tyre walls; windscreen damage; alloy wheel damage.

10 Change of Term and Change in Mileage

At anytime during the Term of the contract, except during the last 3 months of the contract, you may request to change the term and/or the mileage of the contract, provided that the minimum change to the term is 3 months and the minimum change to the mileage is 3000 miles. Vehicle Save will if possible and at its sole discretion issue a new schedule for the vehicle reflecting the changes to Term and/or mileage. If the vehicle is on a fixed short term lease then this will not be possible. If you accept the new schedule, the old contract will terminate, and the vehicle will then be contracted under the new contract and schedule.

11 Subsidiaries

You may request Vehicle Save to provide a Vehicle to a subsidiary or associated company. Any Vehicle so provided by Vehicle Save shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement and you will be liable for the observance and performance of all terms of this Agreement in respect of such Vehicle.

12 Disclaimer

Whilst Vehicle Save tries to ensure the accuracy of the information on the Vehicle Save website, emails and related documents, Vehicle Save accepts no liability for the accuracy of data supplied on the website. Any errors or omissions in the Vehicle Save website, emails or in any related documents or other information issued by (or on behalf of) Vehicle Save shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of Vehicle Save.

13 General

13.1 All notices and communications required to be given by the parties under this Agreement shall be by email, fax or post to the relevant address of the parties as set out in the agreement.

13.2 Vehicle Saves rights under this Agreement shall not be prejudiced by any forbearance indulgence or acquiescence of the time given to you.

13.3 The ownership of and title to the Vehicle shall remain at all times with Vehicle Save. You must not attempt to sell, rent out; sub let or charge the Vehicle.

13.4 Additional specific responsibilities are shown in the BVRLA standards in respect of the return condition of a specific vehicle, where applicable.

13.5 All prices are in £ Sterling exclusive of VAT

13.6 Conditions and warranties-benefits are not guaranteed. You are entitled to the benefit of all conditions, warranties or other terms, express or implied, relating to the Vehicle given by the suppliers or manufacturers of the Vehicle to us (so far as we are entitled to transfer it) but the Vehicle is not let by us with or subject to any such conditions, warranties or other terms, express or implied, all of which are excluded as between us and you save those implied by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 Section 7 (relating to our right to transfer possession of the Vehicle and your right to quiet possession of it).

13.7 We may, upon any breach by you of any of the provisions of this agreement, after due notice, terminate this agreement. Upon that happening, this agreement and the hiring constituted by it will no longer be authorised which will mean that you will no longer be in possession of the Vehicle with our consent. This will give us the right to take possession of the Vehicle and to recover from you our recoverable losses and also any of your pre-existing liabilities to us, neither party shall have any rights against the other. 

13.8 Any notice served under this agreement shall be sufficiently served if sent by prepaid letter post to the last known place of residence of the addressee.

14 Contracts (Rights of Third Parties)

A person who is not a party to this Agreement has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this Agreement.

15 Data Protection Act

15.1 Uses of Personal Data

15.1.1 The Data Protection Act does not apply to companies in themselves but it does extend to sole traders, partnerships and Individuals. When an application is received from a business, in addition to the company information, information may be sought from credit reference agencies on the company directors and/or partners as individuals. In addition the operation of the fleet desk requires certain information on each of your drivers to be entered by you. This information is covered by the Data Protection Act.

15.1.2 Vehicle Save places paramount importance on customer service and aim to meet your expectations on every occasion. To achieve this aim we need accurate personal information about you and your drivers. You will inform us of any changes to personal circumstances by updating your fleet desk or by writing to us by email.

15.1.3 We have a legal obligation under the Data Protection Act to ensure that all personal information held and processed complies with the principles of the Act. The Act requires all personal information to be treated in the strictest confidence and to be used only for the purposes of which you are aware.

15.1.4 Certain information collected may be classified as sensitive and we can only use such data where we have your explicit consent. This data relates to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health, sexual life, criminal proceedings and offences and will only be processed if required to provide the service requested.

15.2 Disclosure of Personal Data

15.2.1 We will treat all your personal information as private and confidential (even if you are no longer a customer). We will not disclose this information except as follows where it is necessary to provide the services for which we are contracted:

We act as agents for a selected group of finance and service providers to whom we provide information relating to your and your account in order to enable them to provide services to you. Your details will be used in providing the services you applied for and for the ongoing administration of the services. In considering the provision of credit, the Finance Providers for whom we act as agents will search your records at Credit Reference Agencies. They will add to your credit file details of their search and application and this will be seen by other organisations that make searches. They will also add to your record with the Credit Reference Agencies details of your agreement with us, payments made under it, any default or failure to keep to terms and conditions. It is important that you give us accurate information. They will check your details with fraud prevention agencies and if you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this. We may employ introducers and sub-contractors to process information on our behalf. The same duty of confidentiality and security will apply to our agents, introducers and sub contractors and all processing will only be carried out under our instruction and will be supported by written contract. 

15.2.2 Other than above, nothing about your accounts nor your name and address will be disclosed to anyone, other than in four exceptional cases permitted by law. These are:

  • Where we are legally compelled to do so;
  • Where there is a duty to the public to disclose;
  • Where disclosure is required to protect our interest (This will not be used as a reason for disclosing information about your or your accounts, including your name and address, to anyone else for marketing purposes);
  • Where disclosure is made at your request or with your consent (This can either be as a result of an application for a product or service or by signing an explicit declaration as part of the application. Consent does not need to be in writing if the service is provided over the telephone).

15.2.3 There may be a time when Vehicle Save feels that a service or product offered by a selected third party or us may benefit you. We may use information we obtain from our transactions with you in this decision making process. To make you aware of the service or product we may contact you by mail, telephone, fax, email or other reasonable method to give you full details so that you may make an informed choice.

15.2.4 We will use your details to assist us in understanding individual needs and business trends in order to improve the products and services we offer. 

15.3 Declaration

15.3.1 By signing this agreement you confirm that you have read the information in sections 15.1 and 15.2 and agree that information provided by you to Vehicle Save relating to your account with Vehicle Save may be processed and disclosed in the ways described. You also agree that any information provided relating to your account with Vehicle Save may be shared with the Introducer and any associated companies (if applicable), Insurers (if applicable), and the Financier who may also use in the ways described in sections 15.1 and 15.2.

15.3.2 You agree that information on the performance of your account(s) may be shared with Credit Reference agencies and may be used by other lenders for credit assessment.

15.3.3 You confirm that you are entitled to disclose information about any co-applicants/authorised signatories/nominated users and/or anyone else referred to by you, (including but not restricted to information provided for credit purposes and information entered onto the fleet desk).

15.3.4 Vehicle Save agrees that any sensitive information obtained will only be processed in order to provide the service(s) requested.

16 Administration charges

16.1.1 As an obligation surviving termination of this agreement, pay us administration fees plus VAT as follows:

16.1.2 £35 for each Fine, PCN or any other charge applied again the vehicle,

16.1.3 £100 admin fee for each repair in respect of any damage for which you are liable.

16.1.4 If a recovery agents (and/or solicitors) is used to recover any outstanding sums then, and in such event, we shall be entitled to pass any associates costs on to you.

16.1.5 Any contractual direct debit payment returned as unpaid will be subject to an administration charge of £25+ VAT

16.1.6 The full costs of any key replacement including the postage costs and administration costs. Minimum charge to be applied here would be £100

16.1.7 Keys lost, damaged or locked in the vehicle and lost or damaged handbooks will be charged at not less than £100 or actual replacement cost plus VAT whichever is the greater.

17 Indemnity

As an obligation surviving termination of this agreement, indemnify us against any claims in respect of loss, injury or damage sustained as a result of use of the Vehicle, or as a result of any defect in it, or otherwise howsoever caused except for injury or death caused by our negligence and subject always to the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

18 Indemnity against statutory fines etc

As an obligation surviving termination of this agreement, indemnify us against all fines, fixed penalties, congestion charges and excess charges (“Fines”) payable by us by virtue of any statute applicable to the use of the Vehicle.

19 Pay taxes

Pay all taxes and impositions in respect of the Vehicle and its letting under this agreement excepting only:

  • Those for which we are liable under this agreement; and
  • Taxes on, or assessed by reference to, our profits; and
  • Any VAT which we are able to reclaim from HM Revenue and Customs.

20 Disclosure

Before entering into this agreement we may search your records at credit reference agencies. They will add to their record about you details of our search which will be seen by other organisations making searches. Details about you and your payment record under this agreement will be used to help make credit, credit related and insurance related decisions about you and members of your household and occasionally for fraud prevention or to trace debtors. You can contact us for details of the credit reference agencies used by us. You have a legal right to these details and can receive a copy of the information held about you on payment of a fee.

Information held about you by credit reference agencies may be linked to records relating to any person with whom you are linked financially and other members of your household.

We may give information about you and your payment record under this agreement to credit reference agencies, debt collecting agents and any proposed assignee, transferee or chargee of this agreement or of our interest in this agreement, their insurers or advisers.

We may use a credit scoring or other automated decision-making system. We may monitor and record telephone calls for the purpose of security and training.

You agree that we may disclose details of, and relating to, the transaction evidenced by this agreement to HPI Limited.

21 Step in Clause

The Hirer acknowledges that the Finance Houses used by the Lessor to fund Vehicles have certain rights under this Agreement, even though are not signatories of the same. These rights include:

19.1 The right to visit or enter the Hirer’s place/s of business to ascertain the whereabouts of any Vehicles funded by them;

19.2 The right to uplift the Vehicles if the Hirer is in payment arrears to the Lessor or if the Lessor is in any breach (or howsoever described) under any Agreement between the Lessor and the Finance House;

19.3 In the event that the Lessor enters administration, receivership or liquidation and has not paid the Finance House for the Vehicles, the Finance House has the absolute and immediate right to enter the Hirer’s premises or those of the Hirer’s customers to identify the whereabouts and uplift the Vehicles;

19.4 Alternatively, the Finance House may, at its complete discretion and without prejudice to their rights agree to enter into a direct relationship with the Hirer to continue renting the Vehicles until the end of the Contract Period under this Agreement.

19.5 Subject to the Finance House’s agreement, if the Lessor goes into administration, liquidation or receivership the Hirer shall be entitled to make Rental payments to the Finance House directly so as to avoid termination of the Contract Period of that Agreement; such payments must be made without set off, deduction or counterclaim.

19.6 Where the Hirer has permission from the Lessor to further sub-hire the Vehicles to the Hirer’s customers (the “Sub-Hirer’s), the Hirer must ensure that the rights outlined above are incorporated into the contractual agreements that they have with the Sub-Hirer’s for the renting of the Vehicles.

22 Governing law and jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. The parties irrevocably submit for all purposes in connection with this Agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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